Friday, August 2, 2013

What I'd Like From My Next Samsung Phone

I purchased a Samsung Galaxy Note II some months ago and, so far, I must say it's been a pretty good surprise. It's been handy, comfortable both for text and video, and the S Pen is just great. I keep using it every time I've got a long text to write.
And about the size of the smartphone, while I've often heard it was too big and didn't "look like a phone", I've found it quite addictive. When I look down at an iPhone, I now find it so small and feel sorry for its owner.
However, some improvements could be made. I'll list 5 of them, 1 of which is Android-related, not Samsung-related.
  1. When you use the S Pen, you have to put it down to use the three buttons below the screen (namely, the "contextual menu", the "main menu" and the "cancel" buttons). They're not part of the screen, which is fine when you're using your fingers but is not when you're using the S Pen. Of course, you can still use your pinkie, but it's neither very handy nor fashionable ;-)

  2. The left and right buttons below the screen (namely, the "contextual menu" and the "cancel" buttons) are no more visible since one short second after the last time they were used. Said otherwise, they're not lighted most of the time. That's perfectly sensible for the smartphone's owner, or someone used to this model. However, when you're handing the phone over to someone else so that he/she may read a piece of news or watch a video, he/she just doesn't see these buttons and ends up pushing the "cancel" button. You've got to warn "don't put your fingers at the bottom of the screen!" beforehand, every single time. Pretty frustrating.

  3. The touchscreen works great. I guess Samsung's got good technology about it. However, when I keep my fingers close to the screen but not touching the screen, the phone sometimes reacts as if I actually clicked. On the same note, the touchscreen sometimes gets confused if there are only a few droplets of rain on the screen. I can't blame Samsung for that, I guess they didn't intend their phones to be used under the rain.

  4. The side buttons, namely the "volume" and the "on/off" buttons are too much on the vertical middle of the phone. When you're holding the phone, you sometimes push the "on/off" button inadvertently. That's even more common if you're handing the phone to someone else, just as for problem number 2.

  5. Android-related : In this world of too many applications, I'd like that the removal of an icon from the main screens also proposed the removal of the application itself.