Thursday, August 1, 2013

Managers Running Out of Time to Improve Their Time Management

Yesterday, John F. Dini RT'ed his own, one-year-old, post about managers setting themselves new year resolutions to save more time for long-term action. Go read it, as it is a real-life account of a manager's successful attempt to reduce his own involvment in a company while at the same time improving results.

I take the opportunity to highlight this obvious truth, which one easily forgets when monopolyzed by work at a company:
" Top managers aren't supposed to run the business. They're supposed to enhance the business. They're supposed to run the future of the business. "

and the corollary:
" If you're a top manager and running out of time because of your daily involvment in the running of the day-to-day business, then you should change the way things work at your company. "