Thursday, June 13, 2013

What's Next? I've done a lot already...

I'm now looking for a new job, you can find my CV on most dedicated sites.
So what's next? Looking back, I've done a lot of things so far. In an approximative chronological order:
  • Cattle dealer (sheep)
  • Math teacher
  • Sheep grower
  • Assembly and reverse-engineering teacher
  • Cybercaf√© technician
  • Chemist
  • Secondhand bookseller
  • Snack manager
  • Blue-collar factory worker
  • IT association leader
  • Web developer and administrator
  • Military HCI developer
  • English teacher
  • CISO for two companies
  • Company cofounder
More transversal:
  • Driven 1500km a week for two years: check
  • Being a good boyfriend: check
  • Worked in a 3-language environment: check
  • Bringing directors together to discuss IT security: check
  • Worked abroad: check
  • Held relations with public and private interest groups: check
  • Managing wide and complex projects: check
  • Self-learning technologies from scratch: check
  • Motivating a team: check
  • Decision making and responsibility bearing: check...