Sunday, April 10, 2011

Monthly ITsec Leadership Quotes and Articles: February and March 2011

General IT and ITsec management
The true cost of non-compliance is ZERO* (*If nothing goes wrong), on the Uncommon Sense Security blog.
I Broke All Six Rules for Finding the Right IT Vendor, on the HBR blogs, with insights on "best" practices when choosing an IT vendor.
A Disruptive Solution for Health Care, from the HBR blogs. Though not IT-related, I think this articles applies well to IT in the healthcare domain.

Educating the CEO on Mobile Applications, on the Healthcare Info Security blog.
Signature-based antivirus not quite dead, but bigger problems loom, speaking of the inability to maintain signature based security systems, and citing whitelisting, a subject of much interest to me these times.
How Mobile Phones Can Transform Healthcare, also on the HBR blogs.

Personal Development, Career
Chief Security Officer, 21st century, on the Security Recruiter Blog.
4 Skills CISOs need now, on
The Four Personas of the Next-Generation CIO, on the HBR's blogs.

An internal billing scheme for IT risks

After meeting with a crowd of fellow hospital CISOs a few weeks ago, I had a sudden epiphany that the problem of billing IT risks inside a company is not just a peripheral one, but a primary one. And closely related to our inability to put figures on IT risks.

What about the idea of a CISO acting as an internal insurer for the IT service?

> Company board: regulates practices, if ever needed.
+----> CEO: checks correct operation.
+----------> CIO: acts as the customer of the insurance.
+----------> CISO: acts as the insurer.

The CISO would propose an offer made of:
  • Expensive insurance for inappropriately acquired or ill-maintained IT assets.
  • Cheaper insurance for IT assets that are acquired and maintained according to a set a constraints.