Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Saving Money with IT Security Processes. Example 10/26: Preventing Massive Outages with Electricity Management

Article number 10 in a series dedicated to giving examples of the way IT security processes can help your company save money.

Electricity Management is the process that ensures correct availability of electric power for all IT needs.

"Green IT" is the fancy name for it nowadays. We've come to a level of risk awareness where it's common sense that ensuring reduction of consumption and availability of power (that come together, think of it) can make good money for companies. If we can make a point by calling it ecology or eco-friendliness or environmentalism, that's an asset.

To correctly operate Electricity Management process and prevent massive power failures that would cause your company huge losses in downtimes, the following duties must be accomplished:
  1. Assess power purchase and power producing capabilities.
  2. Put in action a set of load balancing items.
  3. Supervise the electric load of all sources. SNMP is a possible choice.
  4. Make sure you have recovery documentation for major possible outages.