Wednesday, April 18, 2012

My best posts on the web so far

On this blog, according to Google web stats:
1. Fun Fact: Wrong Sense of Rotation for Deming's PDCA Wheel, maybe just because people are looking for info about PDCA.
2. Back on the technology SPOF: practical case, I think I'll write a bit more about this.
3. Fun fact: Facebook Bug in Handling Who Accesses Photos, whenever you speak about Facebook, people are just interested ;-)
4. Companies beware of SSL decryption in your proxy! a very important matter that should be more spoken about.
5. Why Windows 7 will not crush Linux, just a troll.

[FR] On, according to users' marks:
1. Commission Européenne - Rendre les développeurs juridiquement responsables de leurs développements ?
2. [HADOPI] Lettre ouverte à Jean-Marie Cavada
3. MS Office 2007 SP2 supporte l'ODF 1.1

[FR] On the French wikipedia, personal sorting:
LabView, the virtual instrumenting software.
Radioss, mechanics software.
Yukar, Ainu sagas.
JavaOne, yearly conference about Java.
Unicum, a Hungarian bitter liquor, delicious.
Cuba, movie with Sean Connery.

[FR] A very old CV that I should update !
Also my LinkedIn and Viadeo profiles.