Thursday, May 23, 2013

I'm a Google Orphan – Epiphany

Sigh... I'm a Google orphan, that's the sad epiphany I had the other day.

  • Google Reader is closing and no online application seemingly reaches the level. If you cross one, please let me know.
  • With the fall of Google Reader, I'm really worried for the future of RSS feeds, which were a founding pillar of free communication on the internet.
  • The need to share and sync files from anywhere made me try Google Drive. I clearly find that Drive is made to satisfy an all-Google user's need but not that of someone else. If all you want to use is Google applications and phones, then it's fine. But I'm not buying into that. Dropbox is far superior and even easier to use.
  • Google Search isn't anymore a powerful tool. It finds the same results as other engines and I sometimes miss the old days of Altavista, where you could simply type the precise words you wanted and there was no kind of "intelligent" understanding of requests. Between the multiplying intrusions of states, copyright holders and commercial customers of Google services, the Google Search engine is really going into garbage and the user is the looser. And the "intelligent" handling of requests is frustrating me: I know what I want better than machines, stop correcting my orthograph, using synonyms, etc.!
  • I'm satisfied with my Android phone as a tool for mobility. E-mail, SMS, web have never been so easy. But I'm appalled when I see the new ads they broadcast on every major TV channel: they show it as something funky, graphical, fashionable... it's not! and I don't want it to be.
So I'm a Google orphan.
Google – as I saw it – is dead. Or, at least, an era is over... and Google now resembles Microsoft 10 years ago.