Sunday, April 10, 2011

An internal billing scheme for IT risks

After meeting with a crowd of fellow hospital CISOs a few weeks ago, I had a sudden epiphany that the problem of billing IT risks inside a company is not just a peripheral one, but a primary one. And closely related to our inability to put figures on IT risks.

What about the idea of a CISO acting as an internal insurer for the IT service?

> Company board: regulates practices, if ever needed.
+----> CEO: checks correct operation.
+----------> CIO: acts as the customer of the insurance.
+----------> CISO: acts as the insurer.

The CISO would propose an offer made of:
  • Expensive insurance for inappropriately acquired or ill-maintained IT assets.
  • Cheaper insurance for IT assets that are acquired and maintained according to a set a constraints.