Thursday, February 3, 2011

Monthly ITsec Leadership Quotes and Articles: January 2011

I'm trying to add short descriptions, plus categories, for easier reading.

Team/Service management:
[EN] Engaging Your Staff in Security Requires Leadership – Not Free Coffee Mugs: a general note with items on how to get a team more involved.
[EN] Managing Nerds: a developed note about the way a nerd's intellect works. I find it quite revealing and I do commit with but one warning: a typical IT team is not only made up of nerds.
[EN] Facing A Crisis of Leadership: a good article on the risk of having a geek for a CIO and with one central idea that I mightily approve: "An [...] action that focuses on cost-centric or non-value-added improvement initiatives is nonstrategic and deserves scrutiny."
[FR] Herve Schauer Consultants' Newsletter N°77, January 2011: interesting editorial on the ill-understood and ill-applied ISO 27001 certification. HervĂ© Schauer goes in details about the way ISO 27001 is often thought of as a kind of "security-targeted ISO 9001". It's not just about documenting security, it's mainly about managing it (deciding, acting, spreading responsibility/accountability/ownership).

Log management field:
[EN] Top 10 Things Your Log Management Vendor Won't Tell You: a checklist against log vendors quacks. Would be a good reading if you're planning a logging project or -worse- if someone else is planning it for you.
[EN] 11 Log Resolutions for 2011: I would retitle this as "11 Steps to Initiate Logging". Concrete action propositions to make a step into the world of logging.

Personal development:
[EN] 25 Improv Tricks That Will Make You a Better Business Person: a nice, comprehensive list about behaviour at work. From a recruitment site. This one is worth sending to every colleague you have.
[EN] Move your security career forward by looking back: a personal guide to look back at 2010 and act for a better career development in 2011. Good pieces of advice, requires some time to think about it. Bookmark it and come back later.