Friday, July 30, 2010

Monthly ITsec Leadership Quotes and Articles: July 2010 (and June too)

Positive Leadership: Invest in People Building a Culture of Innovation.

Leadership Essay by former student Vince Fitzpatrick on the SANS Technology Institute's "Leadership Laboratory". The author comes back on the leadership he used when he was first appointed as CISO. It really reminds me of my own beginning.

Executives are Not Stupid on, helpful to debug IT workers and ITsec workers when they think that everything is the management's fault.

Five reasons projects fail on Michael Krigsman's IT Project Failures.

'Wicked problems': collaboration, risk, and failure also on Michael Krigsman's IT Project Failures.

CISO and CSO Reporting Structures on the Security Recruiter Blog, on the shift of ITsec from defence to legal compliance.

Why "Doing ITIL" Doesn't Work (And How to Fix It): a direct, simple, summary of why ITIL is no silver bullet. Keep in bookmarks in order to cool down a manager, some day.

Can You Compete With the Next Generation of Security Leadership? (Yes, we can.)