Sunday, February 21, 2010

The US destroying the Internet?

Every now and then I read or watch a scenario about the US destroying or dramatically altering the Internet, for security purposes or for commercial purposes. For me, even if that were feasible, that would be silly and I think that's never going to happen.
If the US were to destroy or reduce the availability of the Internet, others would rebuild it, anew, differently.
  1. The US would get a considerable loss of earnings from a worldwide project probably not developed in English (Chinese?), not developed by American companies.
  2. They would lose their technical skills. New skills would be required for the new technologies of the new network.
  3. They would lose the target of their current spying methods, quickly moving to the new network.
  4. They would not be able to create such spying methods for the new network, because they would not be the primary actor, centralizing infrastructure, skills and budget.