Saturday, November 8, 2008

Friday liberty blogging - Welcome back, America !

Need to celebrate a little on the election of Barack Obama.
After eight years of GW Bush, the republicans had become to the eyes of the world the party of warmongers, liars, religious extremists, creationists, gun nuts... The Americans have sent the message that they didn't want anymore of this, that this was not the Republican party at all.

Welcome back, America !

I am sorry for John McCain and Sarah Palin, who were valid candidates. I am also sorry for the Republican party, which stands for good values, very important to the strength and vitality of the US. But that's the result of eight years of GW Bush.

Good luck to president-elect Barack Obama, who will have to deal with big tasks, even more now that all the world is looking at him for a sign of hope. Welcome back, America !